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MMU (68030/68040)

Dynamig CPU-Emulation

Guru Check

Better AGA Emulation

Sound Library for Soundblaster

scsi.device with ASPI Interface

Multithreading/Multiprozessor on PC !!!

Prozessor-CORE in Assembler

PC Printer Emulation


Connetction of Amiga-format SCSI-HD to PC-Adapter

CDROM Filesystem for Macintosh CD's(Shapeshifter is lonly)

User definded Keyboard-Layout

Midi support for Bars & Pipes Pro...


Choose complet Diskset in the GUI

Swap Disk via Hotkey

Deactivate Grafik-Chips

Automatic Resolution change in fullscreen Modus

Amiga Harddisk support

Change all parameter with GUI

Joystick / Maus change via Hotkey

Change resulution while running the Emulation

Better Manual an help Pages

Amiga Filesystem support for Windows

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