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The Latest Version is: WinUAE 1.5 

Features of the current Version:

WinUAE 1.6.0 released (21.05.2009)

New features:

- Very popular request: automatic display scaling/window resizing!
  (not compatible with all programs) Option in Filter-panel.
- PAL/NTSC vertical size change emulated in filter modes.
- Transparent clipboard sharing between Amiga clipboard.device and
  Windows clipboard, both Amiga->Windows and Windows->Amiga supported.
  Text and images supported, HAM6/8 automatically converted to 24-bit
  image, EHB converted to 64-color image. Images with less than 256
  colors images converted to standard IFF, higher color images converted
  to 24-bit IFF. Text converted to plain text, formatting possible in
- "Interlace fixer", interlaced screens are now rock solid, all interlace
  artifacts will be gone. (this feature isn't same as scandoubler or
  flickerfixer and not compatible with most games)
- VirtualPC VHD dynamic harddisk image support (dynamic = empty hardfile
  is very small, size grows automatically when more data gets written)
- Custom chipset emulation updates, horizontally mixed lores and hires
  modes work and more (for example Disposable Hero titlescreen is
  finally perfect, Oops Up ray color issue)
- Mouse emulation rewritten (Oil Imperium pipelining minigame)
- 10 sector and 81/82 track PC/Atari ST disk images supported.
- Diskspare disk images supported.
- OCS/ECS "7-planes" mode fully implemented (4 normal bitplanes + 2
  static 16-bit patterns for planes 5 and 6) 1st Anniversary by Lazy
  Bones has 100% correct display now.
- SuperHires supprted in lores and filtered lores modes.
- 320x256, 640x512, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024 always added to RTG
  mode list (320x200 and 320x240 was already available previously)
- RTG mode vertical blanking interrupt implemented without busy
  waiting, interrupt rate added, configuration added to GUI.
- Filter multiplier select boxes now support manually entered
  multipliers, for example 2.5 = 2.5x. Aspect ratio correction added.
- Full drawing tablet support. (must be wintab compatible)
- "Magic mouse" mode improvements.
- Parallel port joystick adapter configuration added to Gameports panel
  (Much easier and quicker than using Input panel configuration)
- Input device type (mouse, digital joystick, analog joystick, lightpen
  etc..) selection added to Gameports panel. (Less need for complex
  Input panel configuration)
- WinUAE is now unicode Windows application, added full unicode support
  to configuration files. (backwards compatibility still maintained)
- PortAudio v19 audio library support. ASIO, WDM-KS (Windows XP low
  level sound API), WASAPI (Vista low level sound API), lower latency
  sound. NOTE: WDM-KS is unstable in current PortAudio version.
- Added new 64-bit seek and size dos packets to filesystem emulation.
- ICD AdIDE "scrambled" IDE disk and hardfile format supported, also
  includes automatic byteswap detection.
- Include some monitor unsupported modes in display modes list because
  some drivers lists custom modes as unsupported with current monitor
  (even if they work just fine..)
- ASCII-only and experimental Epson matrix printer emulation added, do
  not print anything if less than 10 bytes received.
- Added support for Windows Recent Documents/Windows 7 Jump Lists.


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